Good news for people who missed the Great appliance exchange

BOSTON — April 23, 2010 – On the heels of overwhelming response to the Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange energy efficient appliance rebate program that launched and quickly filled $5.5 million in rebate reservations yesterday, Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Ian Bowles today announced that Governor Deval Patrick has directed him to fund all approximately 12,731 rebate reservations placed on a waiting list yesterday.

In addition to accommodating all of the wait-listed customers, Secretary Bowles announced that his Department of Energy Resources (DOER) will launch a second round of energy efficient appliance rebates this summer.
Wait listed customers will be notified by email or mailing within approximately one week regarding how to claim their rebate reservations. The deadlines for appliance purchases and for submitting paperwork have both been extended by one week to accommodate wait-listed customers. Both customers who secured reservations yesterday and those wait-listed and now funded must purchase their eligible appliances by May 12, take delivery of new appliances and have old inefficient ones picked up for recycling, and submit necessary paperwork by June 26, 2010.
“Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity in our office, in appliance stores, and in homes across Massachusetts where people persisted on computers and phone lines to get one of the 26,556 rebate reservations that were secured within two hours of launching the program,” Secretary Bowles said. “Add the 12,731 wait-listed reservations we are now also funding, and that represents over 39,000 energy-hog appliances taken out of service and replaced with highly-efficient models that will save energy and money for years to come.”
Yesterday’s rebates – ranging from $250 to $50 – are funded through a US Department of Energy grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Funding the full waiting list of reservations and additional rebates this summer will be financed with proceeds from the auction of carbon allowances under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and existing utility company funds for energy efficiency programs. The summer’s rebate program will take place during a longer window of time than yesterday’s, with rebate reservations awarded by lottery or other means rather than first come-first served. The total pool of rebates, individual appliance rebate levels and other details will be announced in coming weeks.
“The additional state energy efficiency funds being granted to the program by the Patrick-Murray Administration are welcomed and important,” said Jon Hurst, President of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts. “I can think of no better economic and energy efficiency investment of these state funds than to directly benefit Massachusetts consumers.”

“We’re glad the Governor and the Secretary were able to react quickly to the overwhelming demand for energy efficient appliances,” said Robert Rio, senior vice president of Associated Industries of Massachusetts and a member of the Energy Efficiency Advisory Council. “This is exactly the type of investment that will save consumers money and stimulate the economy.”
Launching at 10 a.m. yesterday, the Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange fulfilled its entire complement of rebates – about $5.5 million for 26,556 dishwashers, refrigerators, clothes washers and freezers – in less than two hours. A half hour later, a waiting list representing $2 million worth of rebates – or 12,731 appliances – was also filled. Under the original program, DOER and its rebate program contractor planned to fill the wait-listed reservations on a first come-first served basis as customers who got rebates drop out of the program due to factors such as deciding not to buy appliances or failing to meet eligibility criteria. Now, all 12,731 reservations on the waiting list will be fulfilled at the same rebate levels those reserved yesterday: $250 for dishwashers, $200 for refrigerators, $175 for clothes washers, and $50 for freezers.

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