Discounted Rain Barrels, composters and recycling bins offered by the Towns of Lenox and Lee

The Towns of Lenox and Lee are pleased to announce a rain barrel distribution for Lenox, Lee and other Berkshire residents. In addition, “Bio-orb” composters will be available. Both are available for discounted prices during this distribution. The towns have teamed up with New England Rain Barrel Inc. to offer these rain barrels to help residents conserve water, save money and reduce storm water run-off. The rain barrels ordinarily retail for $119.95, but are available for $74.95.  The Bio-Orb® composters, found in online stores for $130 to $170, are available through this program for $89.95.

A rain barrel collects water from the roof when it rains and stores it for use during dry weather to water house plants or outside plantings. Collecting water in a rain barrel is an excellent way to save some of the runoff and take the pressure off our water supply and storm water management systems. By using the rainwater on your gardens you are helping to replenish your groundwater and benefit our water supply. A one-inch rainfall on a 1,000 square foot roof yields 562 gallons of water. A quarter inch run-off will easily fill a barrel. Five rainy days can provide 275 gallons of free water. Collected rainfall is especially valuable during droughts or dry conditions. It contains more nutrients and less salts than tap water, so it’s great for plants.

The New Englander is made from recycled barrels ranging in capacity from 55 to 60 gallons. It is intended to be used with gutters and downspouts to collect storm runoff. The New Englander uses solid brass fittings for the outlet and top overflow control valves, along with an aluminum screen louvered inlet to stop leaves and bugs from living (and breeding) in your pure rainwater.

The Bio-Orb® is a closed composting system, perfect for the urban or suburban gardener. No animals can get into it. It is made of black plastic to absorb the heat and speed the breakdown of the compost. The plastic is 100% recycled and the unit is made in Wisconsin. It is quickly and easily assembled without tools. It can be rolled to speed up the making of compost. The rolling feature makes it possible to move the Bio Orb® to the garden bed when you are ready to use the compost.

14-gallon recycling bins will be available at no charge to Lee and Lenox residents.  Please bring a utility or tax bill if your address isn’t on your license.

Contact NE Rain Barrel directly at 1.877.977.3135 or to place your order by June 9. You can pick-up your barrel and orb on June 12 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Lee Department of Public Works at 45 Railroad Street. For more information, contact Jamie at CET or call 445-4556 ext. 14.

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