Our unplugged Report Card: A lenox unplugged energy forum and fair

June 24 Main program 7-9, Fair 6-9pm

Lenox Town Hall Auditorium

Help our communuities make the grade and earn yourself an “energy star”.  Lenox has just been designated a Green Community and we want to celebrate by offering community members the opportunity to learn what they and their neighbors can do to improve their energy efficiency.  Join us for an evening to examine our energy status and what we as individuals and members of a community can do to increase our energy efficiency, sponsored by the lenox unplugged campaign.

Main Speaker: William Moomaw,
Professor of International Environmental Policy and Director of the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy at Tufts University’s Fletcher School

Professor Moomaw is a renowned expert on sustainability and green-living and is the owner of a zero-net energy home in Williamstown. He will provide us with easy steps each home owner can take to reduce their energy consumption in simple effective ways.  He will also speak about the steps and measures an individual and a community can take to become more energy efficient and the implications of our current energy habits on our local community and the world.

Professor Moomaw will then join a panel of local energy professionals and experts to answer your questions about energy saving at home and in our daily lives.

Join us before and after our speaker and panel for our unplugged fair. It will feature vendors and programs to make it easy for you to become a greener and unplugged citizen.  Some of the organizations coming to our fair include: Berkshire Photovoltaic Services, Alpine Solar and Hot Water, CET, Alteris Renewables.  We will also have Music and Ice Cream to follow our speakers.
Look for more details at our website: www.lenoxunplugged.wordpress.com

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One Response to Our unplugged Report Card: A lenox unplugged energy forum and fair

  1. Maryellen Rousseau says:

    When is this event? I’d love to attend.

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