Climate Summer

Since the beginning of the summer a group of college students have been riding their bikes around western Massachusetts talking to towns about clean electricity.  They have come together from different schools to join in the fight for clean electricity and being environmentally friendly.  “The leadership program” and “New England Climate Summer”, the organizations of which the group of college students are members , have a goal for the state of Massachusetts to achieve completely clean electricity by 2020. Within the New England Climate Summer organization,  there is a western team and an eastern team covering towns.  The goals for this group of young adults is to connect local organizations together through their journey around the state.  They believe that if local organizations are connected they will be more powerful and more effective at lobbying the state government for clean energy.  As stated on their website, “We are in the thick of a planetary emergency. The current political dialog and action does not reflect the urgency of the problem. This summer college students will take to the streets of New England on their bikes, raising their voices and urging all generations to join together to solve this problem.”

Making a change for clean electricity will be not only beneficial for individual consumers but will be a great change for the world as well.

Written by Katie Connell, lenox unplugged intern

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