The New Solar Powered Airplane

Last week, a great breakthrough in solar technology was made in Switzerland.
An airplane, called the Solar Impulse, flew for 26 hours straight on only solar power.  This long, skinny air craft has a giant wing span of 210 feet completely covered in solar  panels with 12,000 solar cells. During its fight, it reached over 280,000 feet above sea level at an average of about 25 miles per hour. The plane was powered by a battery that got its charge form the sun. However, it could fly all night as well by using solar energy that it had stored up during the day time. This new advancement gives hope that we will be able to use solar power and other renewable energy sources more and more. Even
the pilot, Andre Borschberg, was amazed at how well the flight went. Eventually, the organizers of this project hope to fly around the entire earth in a solar-powered air craft, and at this rate, they will probably achieve their goal.

By Gillian Fisher, lenox unplugged Intern

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