a note on plastic water bottles…

Lately the health world and environmental world as fused together.  The talk has been that plastic water bottles, left in the car for long periods of time, can cause woman breast cancer.  So people say its a hoax others are warning people not to drink this toxic water.  The real question here is if the chemical polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is connected to DHEA (a carcinogen) the answer to this is that they are not connected.  In addition there is no estrogen like activity in PET, which is important to the regard of causing breast cancer.  Even though this conterversal subject is still being debated on by doctors and scientist if one is worried about this there are things you can do to lower your exposure.  First look at the number located on the bottom of the water bottle.  This number should range from 1-7, the best number is 1 while one should stay away from injecting anything that has a 7 on it.  Another thing one can do is not use plastic water bottle and switch to aluminum reusable water bottles.  Not only is this better for the environment but it eliminates the use of plastic water bottles.

By: Katie Connell, lenox unplugged Intern

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