Put solar on IT!

Most people have heard that in 1979 President Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the roof of the White House.  A few years after the solar panels were installed Reagan came into office and had the panels take down.  Nowadays solar power is rapidly growing.  350.org and Sungevity have begun a new campaign designed to get President Obama to put the solar panels back on the roof of the White House and you can help.  The campaign is called PutSolarOnIt, and you can go to PutSolarOn.it to send a letter not only to our president but world leaders around the world.  You can send letters to President Hu Jintao asking him to put panels on the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, or to Prime Minister David Cameron, asking him to add them to the British Parliament.  This campaign is part of a bigger push started by 350.org towards its day of action on October 10, this day is a Global Work Party.  Lenox High School has taken part in a 350.org campaign already and this is a great way for other lenox residents to take part in a movement.  A movement to install the solar panels back onto the White House and let world leaders know that we encourage GOING GREEN!

by Katie Connell, lenox unplugged Summer Intern

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