About lenoxunplugged

lenox unplugged is
  • a Community wide  campaign to help residents homeowners and kids save money on energy while meeting our energy challenges.
  • a campaign to bring  the business community and residents together to work towards solutions and create an incentive program to make it easy for the community to live green like our TGIF (think green its friday) program
  • an effort to establish and cultivate a dialogue on where our energy comes from and what alternative options exist.

How can I participate?

Click here to join our movement.

think green its friday!  a fun community wide effort on Fridays to meet your pledge and have a greener day and lifestyle.  Find out here how and where you can participate.

How can I meet my  commitments?

Start with a home or business energy audit.  Its a great way to learn easy and cost saving ways to cut down on your energy consumption.

What if I’m not a resident of Lenox but want to participate?

Go to www.cetonline.org/takecharge.php and take the Western Mass Take Charge pledge.


Mark Sylvia’s Presentation, Lenox helps Massachusetts create a greener energy future

William Moomaw’s presentation from lenox unplugged forum


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