Kid Zone

What is energy?  Find out here:

Ages 6-9

Ages 10-12


Watch some of these cool videos to help you be an eco-smart kid:

Here are some videos and songs about recycling:

And if you’re 10 or older, here’s a more serious video about climate change that’s very interesting:

Every time you flip a switch, take a shower, plug something in, or drive a car, it takes a toll on the animals and the world around you. You can do a lot to help the earth:

Try walking or riding your bike to school. Its more fun, and it saves a trip in the car.

Try making your lunches eco-friendly. Bottled water, plastic bags, and anything that is single-use and disposable, is bad for the earth and easily avoidable. Try using water bottles and tupperware that you can reuse.

Try using reusable bags when you go to the store with your parents.

Talk to your parents about being more eco-friendly — they’ll listen!


Check out this site:… it has games and activities that are so fun you won’t even know that you’re learning about saving energy and money.

Run your own town and see how energy-effecient you can be!


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