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  • Shuttle Program with BRTA

How do I make my business more energy efficient.

My Resources

STEP 1.  Get an energy assessment done. Energy Efficiency Professionals will come to your space and offer you “holistic solutions” that consider all the factors and options available to you.


National Grid Electric Energy Efficiency Rebate Program: 1-800-787-1706

WMECO Conservation & Load Management 1-800-835-2707

Berkshire Gas: 1-800-944-3212

or go to the Mass Save website , select business owner and sign up for great incentives, rebates and tax credits.  Also from here you can call for your energy assessment.

Are you a homeowner, perhaps?  Mass Save has AMAZING incentives right now. Get a FREE AUDIT NOW and…..  (from the CET website)

        • Save up to $2,000 on home energy upgrade

Through MassSAVE, you can take advantage of a 75% reduction on the cost of adding insulation and sealing air leaks in your home

        • 0% interest loan (up to $15,000)

Homeowners who qualify can finance recommended upgrades, such as insulation and air sealing, high efficiency heating and hot water systems, windows and solar hot water

Your first step to qualify for incentives is to schedule a no-cost MassSAVE home energy assessment. Call 1-866-527-7283 to schedule or visit to learn more.

back to business…….

Step 2:  See what easy steps you can take:

Our own Western Massachusetts Center for Ecological Technology (CET) has great ideas and resources at your fingertips here at this site:

You can also save money on energy efficiency products.

Shop the CET storefront- all online

Also: Check out these other sites for more helpful info and on saving your business money.

Business .gov: Small Business info  becoming energy effiecient and going green, really helpful and great tips. identifying steps and financing them.

Become a Green Business: A green business guide also from which gives you guidance on starting or transforming your businesss to a Green one.

TEN EASY STEPS to consider– consider these easy steps, spelled out from (some of the steps are already in your pledge! have you taken the pledge yet?

Step 3: Become a think green its friday (TGIF)! business.

What is TGIF!?

The Think Green its Friday is the incentives program tied to the lenox unplugged pledge. The idea is to extend commitments to sustainable behavior beyond the home and participate as a whole community in reducing our consumption and energy use.  Fridays in Lenox will become “Green Fridays” where the community unites around the unplugged mentality and acting and living green.  Sustainable behavior will be incentivized with discounts and deals at local businesses for those who take sustainable actions.

Learn More here

How easy is it to come unplugged? And WHY

April 4, 2010

Using Community Involvement as Part of Your Green Marketing and CSR Strategy

Community involvement has a number of benefits for businesses  implementing green marketing and corporate social responsibility programs.  They include: preferential government and regulatory treatment; enhanced reputation and brand image in that community; increased profit and customer loyalty;creates new business opportunities;increased ability to attract and retain employees; increased ability to attract and retain employees; innovation in market through cooperation with local communities; and innovation in market through cooperation with local communities.

by Sofia Ribeiro, Founder and co-owner of Kiwano Marketing

For most people, green marketing is not only about marketing strategies with a smaller impact on the environment. Green marketing is also about helping a business become socially responsible as well: to provide better products, improve working conditions and contribute to the community. But exactly how can you get your company more involved with your city? continued here

March 25, 2010 Read this:Four Ideas Behind Shifting the Mindset Needed to Achieve the Green Revolution- Green Economy Post


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