think green it’s Friday!

TGIF June 11

“Think Green it’s Friday” is the incentives program tied to the lenox unplugged pledge. The idea is to extend commitments to sustainable behavior beyond the home and participate as a whole community in reducing our consumption and energy use.  Fridays in Lenox will become “Green Fridays” where the community unites around the unplugged mentality and acting and living green.  Sustainable behavior will be incentivized with discounts and deals at local businesses for those who take sustainable actions.

The offers…..

lenox unplugged Each friday you can…

  • Ride free on the BRTA from 12-6 pm within Lenox- Starts  April 23-October 8
  • Customers will receive a recycled bag at Legacy Banks, Lenox Branch, 1 per customer, while supplies last!
  • .04 cents off your purchase for each reusable bag you bring into Loeb’s on Fridays.
  • 25% off of  their green reusable bags at Shooz on Fridays!
  • Free appetizer for table if you walk, bike, or carpool (3 or more) to Firefly (starts Friday May 7)
  • Pine Cone Hill- Customers who bring in their own reusable shopping bag can pick from 2 free potluck cotton napkins at the outlet store (from Friday April 23- June 25)
  • get 10% off bike accessories at the Arcadian Shop
  • Get a free reusable bag at Clearwater Natural Foods for customers and check out their new local featured product each week for Green Fridays.
  • $1 coffee at Haven when you bring in your reusable mug
  • $1 off any beverage when you bring in your resusable mug at Chocolate Springs
  • Special Green Meal and Exercise Program at Olde Heritage Tavern (Saturday’s 9 am) (Personal training generously provided by:Mike Dean, Berkshire Fitness Company, 441-1892,
  • NEJAIME’S Wine Cellars-We offer the highest quality first cold pressing of Greek extra virgin olive oil, and 12 year old Italian balsamic vinegar in refillable glass bottles. Refills on bottle are offered at a savings of $3.00 OFF the bottle on Fridays.  Ariston brand EVOO.
  • Farmer’s Market:Green bucks at the Farmer’s Market: Last year’s green bucks are back at the Farmer’s Market. Take the free bus (Within Lenox) or ride your bicycle to the market and get a Green Buck to spend there at any vendor!

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